Pillars of Success

All my courses are built around the same framework, the same pillars so that you can easily understand, learn, digest and implement their strategies for your horse's success. My desire is that every horse that enters my sphere feels cherished, protected and heard and that every horse is positively influenced in body, mind and spirit. In these courses you will learn the following Pillars to help you open to the healer within.

3 Pillars

My method is comprised of 3 Pillars:

Ancient (and some modern) Wisdom

  1. discover a beautiful framework for health that has lasted thousands of years
  2. learn a straight forward approach to Chinese Medicine that lay people and professionals can understand.
  3. embrace a holistic healthcare view that truly understands your horse's concerns.

Tools of The Trade

  1. discover a unique way of using essential oils and sound therapy to stimulate acupuncture points to encourage the horse to heal itself.
  2. learn how to safely and effectively work with horses energy.
  3. embrace a lovely, peaceful connection with your horse via non-invasive techniques.

Inner Guidance

  1. discover your own ability to feel energy and to tap into your intuition to liberate the healer within.
  2. learn custom and flexible treatment options.
  3. embrace the true nature of disease and illness.
  4. create an energetic resonate between you and the horse.

Complete and Continue