Bring vibrancy and health to your horse by working on relieving pain, treating soft tissue strains, opening the spine, boosting the immune system, soothing ulcers or bringing about a state of peace and calm and much more. By combining essential oils and chinese medicine you can heal your horse for whole body health!


Use holistic medicine to balance your horse's body and prevent illness, lameness and disease. In fact, you can use these classes to keep your horse in tip top shape and health. You don't have to wait until something goes wrong.


Empowering healing in your horse with touch, fosters a deep trust and connection only possible with energy medicine. Your horse will look forward to this deep bonding time. Open an intuitive communication and understanding of your horse on a totally new level.

The Power In Your Hands

Discover the remarkable power of instruments of healing covered in these courses to help horses face the challenges of competition and domestication. Touch and nourish the spirit of your horse in a truly unique way. Every instrument offers a specific support for the struggles and challenges our horses face today in both life and competition.

Experience the powerful and wonderful effects of ESSENTIAL OILS by combining them with acupuncture points on the horse. This groundbreaking energy work called Horses and Healing Oils, blends the power of Chinese medicine, the softness of light touch and the unprecedented shifts attainable with essential oils to rebalance the body.

SOUND Healing has such a impressive way of working with the energy of the horse. No other remedy is quite like it. The beauty of tuning forks is their ability to work with the spirit of the animal and the ability to work with the physical body, a lovely combination.

MOXA is a wonderful tool to help bring warmth to the channels, relax the muscles and fascia, stimulate acupoints and relieve pain.

You can learn to revolutionize your horse's health through the use of essential oils, sound and moxa for healing, prevention and connection. I can teach you how.

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In any course offered here at Acupoint Therapies we follow a unique format that teaches you the Ancient Wisdom behind the treatments, the Instruments of Healing which are the tools you will use and the Energetic Guidance to tailor each treatment to your individual horse. This is laced throughout our offerings.

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Hi, I'm Rebecca!

I know you are interested in your horse having the best life including great soundness, health and longevity. Let me help you achieve that. With a Bachelors degree in Equine Science, board certification in Acupuncture, license in Animal Acupuncture and lots of education in Aroma Acupoint Therapy, Classical Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Meridian Therapy, Acupressure, Bodywork, Energy-work, Myofascial Release, Postural Exercises, Craniosacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Release, I have over 20 years experience restoring health to horses in a multitude of ways (including teaching Equine Acupuncture at MUIH). Let me share with you this beautiful, soft but powerful work of healing through essential oils and chinese medicine. I developed Horses and Healing Oils after studying Aroma Acupoint Therapy for my human practice. With this technique, you can learn to work with your horse's energetic and physical being to bring out the best your horse can be. Take your healing arts practice to the next level and really see your horse flourish.


What can you use this training for?

Anything that you would use acupuncture for but with the added benefit of including the properties of the essential oils. Clinical trials in acupuncture indicate that acupuncture therapy can be effective as a supplemental treatment in the following conditions in horses:

  • musculoskeletal problems: muscle soreness, back pain, neck pain, osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, obscure lameness, laminitis
  • gastrointestinal disorders: diarrhea, impaction, chronic colic, gastric ulceration
  • neurological disorders: EPM, laryngeal hemiplegia, facial and radial nerve paresis, poor coordination
  • other chronic conditions: heaves (COPD, RAO, asthma), anhidrosis, uveitis, behavioral problems, Cushing's disease, hypo- or hyperthyroidism, infertility, renal failure, geriatric weakness, skin problems
  • performance enhancement and prevention of disease
  • inducing calming and relaxing state in the horse
  • failure to thrive

How effective will you be?

I have personally experienced that combining essential oils with acupuncture points is profoundly more effective than needles alone. Your horse will absolutely love it plus it opens up the possibility of you working directly with your own horse is a deep, profound way.

Can you learn this?

The great element of Horses and Healing Oils is you can start small and still be very effective. Start with just a few oils and points to begin and grow as your skills, knowledge and confidence deepen. Whether you are an acupuncturist, body worker, vet, healer or an "informal healer" in your barn or community, YES, you can do this.

How do you become certified so you can work on other horses than your own?

I am currently working on a certification course for Horses and Healing Oils (the combination of acupoints and essential oils on horses). If you are interested in pursuing this path, please drop me an email at [email protected] so we can discuss your options.